005—Axis Astrology Podcast “The Money Planets—Venus and Pluto” (December 1 – 14, 2013)

Listen/download: #005 Axis Astrology Podcast: The Money Planets: Venus and Pluto Transits for December 1-14, 2013: Dec 4, 2013 Mercury in Sagittarius: blunt, outspoken, unfiltered, telling harsh truths, sermonizing Dec 6, 2013 Mercury square Neptune: imagination, manipulation, mythologizing, storytelling, “spin” Dec 7, 2013 Mars in Libra: negotiation, compromise, passive aggression, cold wars, crusading for justice Dec 12, 2013 Jupiter trine Saturn: integrity, leading by example, sustainable growth, philosopher kings   Moon Phases: Dec 2 New Moon at 11 Sagittarius Dec 5 Crescent Moon Dec 9 First Quarter Dec 13 Gibbous Moon This period sees the Moon from the New Moon  and growing in light until the end of the period. This is a good time to start things and for growth to happen. The New Moon in Sagittarius indicates it is a time for long range plans and to start broad projects which may go international.   Book Review: Tetrabiblos by Claudius Ptolemy Tetrabiblos Review by Alison. I have two copies of Tetrabiblos by Ptolemy. The first is an old 1810 copy I bought on EBay years ago and the other is a recent acquisition to save having to turn the yellowed and crinkly pages in my older version. I believe this is the best book on astrology ever. It was written nearly two thousand years ago and lays down principles of astrology that are the back bone of modern astrological thought today. To be honest it is not the easiest read but it contains the basics that every astrology student should know. When you have been studying astrology for a few years that may be the best time to get yourself a copy. This is not a book for beginner but for the intermediate student and the astrological researcher.   Astrology 360: The Money Planets: Venus and Pluto Eli Whitney – 30.57% Venus (dominant planet) (December 8, 1765 – January 8, 1825) was the American inventor of the cotton gin, a key invention of the Industrial Revolution which helped shape the economy of the American South. Despite his humble origins, Whitney made the most of his associations through Yale and his marriage into a political family. Venus is the relationship planet so it’s fitting that biographies of Whitney make so much of the fact that he could never have profited from his ideas without these powerful alliances. The lifelong business connections he fostered were essential to his success, gaining him valuable government contracts through his access to the powerful elite. The cotton gin revolutionized the processing of cotton, enabling the southern states to double their yield of the crop every decade after 1800. For this reason, the importation of slaves also rose precipitously and by 1860, the US was supplying three-quarters of the world’s raw cotton. Without Whitney, it’s safe to say the Southern states would have had no basis for financial independence. The massive profits from cotton production were critical in establishing the South as a financial and political power comparable to the North, but also ultimately set the stage for the Civil War. Ironically, Whitney is also credited with inventing a technology that enabled firearms to be mass produced for the US military, without which many believe the North might not have had the tactical advantage that eventually won them the war. (Sources: Wikipedia and How Stuff Works) Other Venus Dominants:

  • Charles Forte 31.42% Venus (26 November 1908 – 28 February 2007) was a British/ Italian caterer and hotelier who founded the luxury hotel conglomerate that ultimately became Forte Group, an international multibillion dollar business.


  • Jean Cocteau  28.77% Venus (5 July 1889 – 11 October 1963) was a French poet, novelist, dramatist, designer, boxing manager and filmmaker. He worked with Picasso and several other artists, struggled with an opium addiction and was openly gay, though he had affairs with a few notable women. His films were important in introducing Surrealism into French cinema and influencing the French New Wave genre.

Pluto Dominants:

Grigori Potemkin and Catherine the Great
Grigory Potemkin and Catherine the Great

Grigory Potemkin 36.45% Pluto (September 24 1739) – October 16 1791) Potemkin was a Russian general who became Catherine the Great’s lover and for 17 years was the most powerful man in Russia. He was a larger-than-life character who enjoyed the fruits of absolute power and indulging in ostentatious luxuries as much as she did. Catherine gave him many lofty titles over the years, including Prince of the Holy Roman Empire, commander-in-chief of the Russian army and Governor-General of the Southern States, after Russia’s successful annexation of the Crimea. His plans for the colonization of the south were as grand as his other appetites which led to the exaggerated stories of “Potemkin Villages,” where a glamorous façade was painted to disguise the true state of disarray. He is described by historians as “colossal like Russia… an inconceivable mixture of grandeur and pettiness, laziness and activity, bravery and timidity, ambition and insouciance.”

At the height of his power, Potemkin gave this toast to his dinner guests: “Everything I have ever wanted, I have… I wanted high rank, I have it; I wanted medals, I have them; I loved gambling, I have lost vast sums; I liked giving parties, I’ve given magnificent ones; I enjoy building houses, I’ve raised palaces; I liked buying estates, I have many; I adore diamonds and beautiful things – no individual in Europe owns rarer or more exquisite stones. In a word, all my passions have been sated. I am entirely happy!” (Source: Wikipedia)

Other Plutocrats:

  • Sydney Barrows 26.56% Pluto (Jan 14, 1952) aka the Mayflower Madam, who ran an escort service in New York City from 1979-84, catering to a wealthy and powerful clientele of executives, industrialists, politicians, lawyers, diplomats and oil sheiks. After her arrest in 1984, she wrote two best-selling books and was played by Candace Bergen in a hit TV movie.
  • Marquis de Sade 27.82% Pluto (June 2, 1740) from whom the term “sadism” is derived, he was a French aristocrat and writer of philosophy-laden, often violent pornography, much of it written while he was either in prison or an insane asylum, which accounts for about 32 years of his life.

(Charts courtesy of Astrotheme)

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