016—Axis Astrology Podcast “Astrologer Joan Morton” (May 4-17, 2014)

Listen/Download: 016Axis Astrology Podcast: “Astrologer Joan Morton”

In this episode, Alison and Arwynne discuss the transits, aspects and moon phases for May 4-17, 2014. We are also very pleased to present our first-ever guest to the show, Vancouver Astrologer Joan Morton. We talk with Joan about her experiences and areas of concentration as an astrologer, and our conversation touches on a variety of topics including astrological education, consulting, parenting and spirituality. Alison reviews Alan Oaken’s Rulers of the Horoscope.


Planetary transits for May 4-17, 2014:
7-May-2014 Mercury in Gemini: chatty, flirting, distracted, open to new ideas, changeable, restless mind

10-May-2014 Sun Opposite Saturn: limitations, frustration, ego challenges, take stock, focus your efforts

10-May-2014 Venus Opposition Mars: inflexibility, balance urge for independence w/ need to cooperate

10-May-2014 Mercury Square Neptune: unfocused, indiscriminate, imaginative, fuzzy, avoid detail work

12-May-2014 Mercury Trine Mars: bold statements, ideas into action, verbal sparring, learn by doing

14-May-2014 Venus Square Pluto: blocked or conflicting desires, obsession, intensity in relationship s

14-May-2014 Mercury Quincunx Pluto: words can be weapons, watch for backfire and recriminations

15-May-2014 Venus Conjunction Uranus: sudden attractions, restlessness, craving excitement, novelty


Moon Phases:

Alison talks about the moon phases for the next two weeks.

Book Review:

Alan Oaken’s Rulers of the Horoscope (Alison reviewed)


Astrology 360

Alison and Arwynne welcome their very first-ever guest, Vancouver astrologer Joan Morton! Joan is a consulting astrologer based in Vancouver and the current president of the Fraser Valley Astrological Guild. The Guild meets once a month in New Westminster where they host talks and workshops with astrologers from around the world.


Shown below from left to right is Alison Price, Joan Morton and Arwynne O’Neill after the recording session.




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