017—Axis Astrology Podcast “Gemini” (May 18-31, 2014)

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gemini-bluegoldIn this episode, Alison and Arwynne discuss the transits, aspects and moon phases for May 18-31, 2014. Our 360 topic of the day is Gemini so we talk about the characteristics of this masculine, mutable air sign and some of the notable people with Gemini strongly represented in their charts. Arwynne reviews Political Astrology by Michael O’Reilly and Alison reviews Chinese Astrology by Shelly Wu.

Planetary transits for May 18-31, 2014:

  • 18-May-2014 Venus Square Jupiter: optimism, social activities, generosity, spending, overpromising, extravagance
  • 18-May-2014 Mercury Quincunx Saturn: challenging; mental tasks may take extra time and small, deliberate steps
  • 19-May-2014 Venus Quincunx Saturn: tension in relationships (or finances) between affections and responsibilities
  • 19-May-2014 Mars Direct: tensions released, plans move forward, stalled partnerships click and begin to progress
  • 20-May-2014 Sun in Gemini: friendly, talkative, curious, flirtatious, spontaneous, adaptable, energetic, high-strung
  • 22-May-2014 Moon-Chiron/Jupiter/Saturn Grand Water Trine: long-term negotiations, plans, treaties can heal the past
  • 24-May-2014 Jupiter Trine Saturn: responsible growth, calculated risks, measured pursuit of goals, make long-term plans
  • 28-May-2014 Sun Square Neptune: clouded judgment, lacking initiative, tendency to go with flow, daydream, delay
  • 28-May-2014 Venus in Taurus: sensual, considerate, affectionate, leisurely, unhurried, physically vs. mentally expressive
  • 28-May-2014 Mercury in Cancer: caring, compassionate, moody, emotional, nostalgic, nonverbal communications
  • 30-May-2014 Sun Trine Mars: thought and action in harmony, achieving goals, swift decisions, carelessness, restlessness


Moon phases:

  • 21-May-2014 Last quarter
  • 28-May-2014 New Moon at Gemini 7


Book Reviews:

Arwynne reviews Political Astrology by Michael O’Reilly. Alison reviews Chinese Astrology by Shelly Wu.


Astrology 360 Topic: “Gemini”

Gemini is a mutable, masculine air sign ruled by Mercury, mythology’s messenger god. Gemini rules language and journalism, all forms of communication, but especially the instantaneous ones—talking, texting, signing, winking… Speaking of which, Gemini is the flirt of the zodiac. In medical astrology, Gemini rules the eyes, ears, hands and lungs—almost everything we’ve got two of. Although Aries rules the head, Gemini rules the two hemispheres of the brain—and yes, this can occasionally make them seem like they have split personalities. It’s just that their mercurial, smartphone-like minds can switch gears so quickly it makes your head spin (or maybe it’s theirs). You might wonder if they’re having an episode of mania or demonic possession, but in most cases it isn’t clinical. Distract them with some fresh bit of gossip or say you’re looking for a new Internet service provider—do they have any suggestions? That should them snap out of it. If fashion isn’t your strongest sense, a Gemini can be the perfect shopping companion, provided you don’t linger too long in any one store.

Gemini Sun & Moon: Salman Rushdie Maurits Cornelis Escher Heidi Klum Jewel (singer) Tom Jones Dave Navarro

Gemini Sun & Ascendant: Queen Victoria (all 3) Morgan Freeman Henry Kissinger Edward Snowden Dante Alighieri Ruth Westheimer Xaviera Hollander

Model Geminis


Margaret Bourke-White online photo gallery

Margaret Bourke-White (57% Gemini, born June 14, 1904 at 2:00 AM in New York, NY) was an American documentary photographer best known as the first foreign photographer permitted to take pictures of Soviet industry. She was the first female war correspondent (also the first allowed in combat zones) and one of her photographs appeared on their very first cover of Life Magazine. She photographed steel production in the 1930s; she photographed the front lines during WWII in North Africa, Italy, Europe and the Soviet Union. She was traveling through Germany with General George Patton when they liberated Buchenwald, and was the first to document the atrocities in the notorious concentration camp. She also photographed Gandhi just days before he was assassinated and chronicled the violence that erupted during the partitioning of India and Pakistan. She was the first female photographer to be named on Life magazine’s masthead in 1936 and her name remained there until 1969 despite her retirement in 1957 due to symptoms of Parkinson’s. She died of the disease in 1971.



excherMaurits Cornelis (M.C.) Escher (44%) was born June 17, 1898 at 6:55 am in the Netherlands with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune and Pluto in Gemini. He was a Dutch graphic artist known for his often mathematically inspired woodcuts, lithographs and mezzotints which feature impossible constructions, explorations of infinity, architecture, and tessellations. Although he did poorly in school, his understanding of mathematics was largely visual and intuitive, and his work had a strong mathematical component. He studied on his own and with mathematicians like Roger Penrose, and eventually published research papers and lectured on his use of mathematical principles in art. He became interested in order and symmetry on a journey through the Mediterranean, which he described as “the richest source of inspiration I have ever tapped.” After visiting the Alhambra, Escher began using geometric grids as the basis for his sketches, which he then overlaid with additional designs, mainly animals such as birds and lions. He explored the concept of representing infinity on a two-dimensional plane and incorporated quirks of perception and perspective, mirror images of cones, spheres, cubes, rings and spirals. (Astrotheme, Wikipedia)




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