026—Axis Astrology Podcast: “Libra” (September 21-October 4, 2014)

iTunes-subscribe-button_pink 026—Axis Astrology Podcast: “Libra” (September 21-October 4, 2014)

In this episode, Alison and Arwynne discuss the planetary aspects and moon phases for September 21-October 4, 2014. Our Astrology 360 topic is Libra, so we talk about the meaning of the masculine, cardinal, air sign ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, love and cold hard cash. We discuss some of the themes embodied by this sign and some examples of people with Libra dominant in their charts. Arwynne reviews the Stephen Arroyo book Astrology, Karma and Transformation (The Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chart) | Alison reviews Astrology of Sustainability by J. Lee Lehman, Ph. D.

Planetary transits for September 21-October 4, 2014

  • 21-Sep-2014 Mars Square Neptune: Distraction, deception, delusion, driving in heavy fog, plans falling through
  • 22-Sep-2014 Sun in Libra: Teamwork, partnership activity, beautification & decoration projects, dating/ matchmaking
  • 25-Sep-2014 Jupiter Trine Uranus: Creativity & inspiration, spiritual epiphanies, heightened idealism and activism
  • 27-Sep-2014 Mercury in Scorpio: Deep thoughts, probing investigations, plotting next moves, nursing grudges, snark
  • 29-Sep-2014 Venus in Libra: Idealistic, charming, witty and scintillating interaction, be the life of the party/ perfect host
  • 3-Oct-2014 Sun Square Pluto: Tensions between the unequal, conflicts with domineering people, clashes of egos
  • 4-Oct-2014 Mercury Retrograde: Back up your computers, avoid signing contracts; revisit/ revise/ renew existing deals
  • 4-Oct-2014 Mars Trine Uranus: Daring, revolutionary, original, that extra bit of effort that produces unexpected gains

Astrology 360: Libra



“Beauty is a form of Genius—is higher indeed than Genius, as it needs no explanation. It is one of the great facts of the world, like sunlight, or springtime, or the reflection in the dark waters of that silver shell we call the moon. It cannot be questioned. It has divine right of sovereignty. It makes princes of those who have it.” — Oscar Wilde, Libra

Libra is the cardinal, masculine air sign ruled by Venus, which also rules Taurus. While Taurus symbolizes the down-to-earth, receptive, nurturing, supportive aspects of the feminine goddess archetype embodied by the mythical Venus, Libra describes the seductive, charming, refined and artful side of Venus—the Ginger to Taurus’ Maryanne or Veronica to her Betty. Hat being the case, it’s interesting that Libra is considered a “masculine” sign and indeed, we can see in the above characterizations that Libra expresses the more active—even aggressive—aspects of the love goddess. As an air sign, Libra is governed by the head more than the heart. For a typical Libra, intimate relationships are based on intellectual affinity and shared interests. They enjoy getting to know their partner over long, deep, wide-ranging conversations that slowly reveal the participants to each other. Affection arises from this mental process of verbal sharing and expressing of ideas, developing strong intellectual bonds with their partners. Libra rising tends to give balanced features, ability to charm people from all levels of society, and some innate aptitude for diplomacy.

Sun & Moon in Libra


Sun & Ascendant in Libra

Mahatma Gandhigandhi Barbara Walterswalters Jimmy Cartercarter Pierre Elliott Trudeau*trudeau(*Assuming he was born at 7:03 am.. His wife says 8:03, which would give him Scorpio rising. What do you think?)


Libra Rising Rulers

Appropriately, Libra is the most prevalent rising sign for US Presidents, including Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and JFK (see chart below from AstroLibrary.com). It’s also been the rising sign of some other nations’ most popular leaders, including Pierre Trudeau, Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler (I’m sorry but he was undeniably popular).

presidentsrising Libra Squared

  • Oscar Wilde & Lord Alfred Douglas (“the (original) love that dare not speak its name”)
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas (who share a birthday)
  • Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins (Oscar winning activist actors, together 21 years)


The (pleasing, symmetrical) Faces of Libra



One thought on “026—Axis Astrology Podcast: “Libra” (September 21-October 4, 2014)

  1. As someone with venus, mars, neptune, saturn all in Libra… I can relate 😉 A professor in college once told me I was the most “gracefully assertive” woman he had ever met. I think that’s certainly a good description of the Libra energy. Another wonderful podcast! MWA


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