027—Axis Astrology Podcast: “Astrologer Andrew Morton” (October 5-18, 2014)

iTunes-subscribe-button_pink027—Axis Astrology Podcast: Astrologer Andrew Morton

In this episode, Alison and Arwynne discuss the transits, aspects and moon phases for October 5-18, 2014. We’re also pleased to present a very special guest joining us this episode—UK Astrologer Andrew Morton.

Planetary transits for October 5-18, 2014

(Mercury Retrograde 4-Oct-2014)

  • Sun Opposition Uranus 7-Oct-2014: restlessness, impatience, sudden disruptions, shocking outbursts and ego clashes
  • Venus Square Pluto 8-Oct-2014: manipulation, power struggles in relationships, powers of persuasion, crossed wires
  • Mars Trine Jupiter 8-Oct-2014: positive growth & energy, exploring your potential, balancing ambition and equity
  • Mercury in Libra 10-Oct-2014: negotiations, treaties, partnerships and fair deals can be hashed out peaceably
  • Venus Opposition Uranus 10-Oct-2014: startling revelations in relationships & finances; “not what you signed up for”
  • Sun Conjunction Mercury 16-Oct-2014: easy to communicate your point, make people see things your way; seduce?
  • Mercury Conjunction Venus 17-Oct-2014: heart & mind in agreement; in Libra, peace could break out somewhere…


Moon Phases

Lunar Eclipse October 7-8, 2014

You can find maps of the eclipse path and the best times to watch at space.com.

The Lunar eclipse is at 15 Aries and will be viewable before Sun rise on the morning of October 8th from Vancouver. So we are hoping for photos as Arwynne can see it from her window!

Last Quarter Moon on October 15, 2014

Astrology 360: Astrologer Andrew Morton

Andrew Morton is an Astrologer from the United Kingdom and the Founder & Facilitator of AstroQuo. He practices Astrology as a means of enabling and enriching the lives of those who have set themselves on the path to understanding personal truths.

Contact Andrew Morton at www.astroquo.com.



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