You can contact Arwynne and Alison at Axis Astrology by email at:

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  1. Great podcast.. wonderful giggly ending ;-D BTW Arwynne, you/we were in Victoria…and we tried to go to Butchart Gardens ..You were “due” in a couple weeks and we were on a bicycling adventure. The hill down to the gardens was a bit too steep for me at that point and we stopped at a little cafe instead. The waitress wasn’t very nice at first, seeing Jim and Steve with their bushy beards etc. but when she saw my 8 plus months pregnant self she came unglued and fussed over me and went to great lengths to make sure we knew the least hilly route to our camping place AND where the nearest hospital was just in case ;-D


  2. Another wonderful podcast! Since I share your fascination with the North/South Node placements it was very engaging. I’ve ordered the book you reviewed. I also re-read the Jan Stiller segment on North Node in Pisces that you had sent me some time ago. I can really see how I’m moving a bit more comfortably into my “North Nodeness” ..I think the “Whole Lifestyle Fitness” for caregivers is certainly in keeping with Pisces North Node ;-D As to the movies… I give.. you’re right..but I still say you need to see “The Fountain” and I’d add “Cloud Atlas” to the list. I look forward to the next podcast… hint hint…


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