Hi there! If you appreciate pinup girl art with an astrological flavor, we invite you to check out the Zodiac Pinup Art collection, a growing line of customized (and customizable) products at PisoMojado, like the new 2015 Zodiac Pinup Calendar:

Browse for more gifts, notebooks, t-shirts, postcards, calendars, iPhone sleeves, coasters, coffee mugs and more, featuring original artwork and designs by Arwynne are available through her storefront, PisoMojado.


About Zazzle:

They do the manufacturing and distribution while “store owners” like Arwynne supply the creative designs (her store is called PisoMojado, which means “wet floor”). Whether you’re shopping for a gift or for yourself, their selection and quality are excellent and they ship all over the world (between 4-10 days within the US). You can customize existing designs and even create your own products to buy and sell.

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