Start Chart

Axis Astrology Start Chart.

ChartEvery business or venture has a start time and place and from this astrologers create an astrological start chart or birth chart.

Each time you begin something there will be a start chart that show the potentials of that particular venture to succeed, develop or grow.

Depending on the business in question you choose a good time (or an election chart) to suit the nature of the business. For astrology podcasting we looked for a strong Uranus (astrology) and Jupiter (broadcasting) influence for our start chart.

The Axis Astrology start chart we chose is cast for 3:00pm, August 28th, 2013 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. You can see our chart above.

Features of this chart include:

  • Sagittarius rising = Inspirational message
  • Jupiter chart ruler = Growth and knowledge
  • Jupiter and Moon in 7th = Public broadcasting
  • Uranus in 4th = We tape at our home recording studio
  • Sun conjoins Mercury 9th Virgo = fun and detailed knowledge is discussed
  • Libra MC and Venus 10th = We love what we do and so do you!
  • Water grand trine = Flexible
  • Cardinal Grand Cross (includes Uranus and Pluto) = Astrological staying power


We hope to grow strong and reach far and wide. Come and take the journey with us.

* * *

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