034—Axis Astrology Podcast: The New Year, New You Consultation


Listen/Download: 034—Axis Astrology Podcast: “The New Year, New You Consultation”

In this episode, Alison and Arwynne discuss the transits, aspects and moon phases for January 11-24, 2015. For this episode’s Astrology 360, we do a full sample reading of a “New Year, New You” consultation with a special guest chart.

Planetary transits for January 11-24, 2015

  • 11-Jan-2015—Mars in Pisces: this wishy-washy Mars has difficulty acting decisively, tries to appease/distract vs. taking action
  • 14-Jan-2015—Mars Square Saturn: stops & starts, obstruction and irritation, “driving with the parking break on” aspect
  • 18-Jan-2015—Venus Opposite Jupiter: aesthetic or relationship desires clash w/ideals or ethics, compromising principles
  • 19-Jan-2015—Mars Conjunct Neptune: the “fog of war” aspect, often seen in charts of police/protester clashes and riots
  • 19-Jan-2015—Sun in Aquarius: some Leos may find a challenging month ahead while the Sun transits its opposite sign
  • 20-Jan-2015—Mercury Retrograde: details may be slow to emerge or conflict in Mars-Neptune stories from this week


Astrology 360: The New Year, New You Consultation

Here is the chart we discuss in this episode, followed by a dispositor tree and 2-year ephemeris:

Female chartnewyearnewyou02


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